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This is a nice little video from the beginnings of Super Motor Company that shows how agile and fun these bikes are. It’s a story about a guy on his bike who needs to get to his girl on the other side of town, and he needs to get there fast! While he’s riding around Amsterdam he receives a message from his girl to come over quickly, and he doesn’t  want to make her wait! Full throttle on his Super he quickly gets through the heavy traffic of Amsterdam. The super is powerful and easy to handle, he can easily pass cars on narrow streets. Stopping at the traffic lights, 2 fellow riders stop beside him. When the light turns green, guess who pulls off with a wheelie?

It's a story about a guy on his bike who needs to get to his girl on the other side of town, fast!
Definitely not keeping his bike within the speed limits he tries to get to the other side of town. In a large fast curve he has to put his knee down like a real racer, not slowing down at any time. He gets to his girlfriend on time and they lived happily ever after….

This little video perfectly shows how easy this bike handles and that it feels best it in narrow city streets. You can easily move through traffic and avoid traffic jams. It`s a real peoples mover in the city, faster than a car and safer than a bicycle. You can park it anywhere and is very clan and economical too.

The Super is a great little motorcycle. Check out the dedicated page on our website here or contact us for more information.

Visita nuestra pagina dedicada a la Super Aqui, o ponte en contacto con nosotros para más información.

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