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Shock absorber front super cub


Shock absorber front SUper Cub. Original front shock absorber for Super Motor Company Super versions 50, 100 y 120. 2 parts are needed for the front suspension and both parts are identical left and right side.

SKU: Super-F7-21

[English] Shock absorber front Super Cub . Original Front suspension damper for a Super Motor Company Super 50, 100 and 120. 2 shock absorbers are needed for the front and and both parts are identical for right and left side. The Super cub is equipped with a very vintage kind of front suspension of the leading link design. The original shock absorber units from Super Motor Company  are very reliable and built to last up to 30K miles. Shock absorbers and the suspension in general must be checked at each service. Check for oil leak, for any broken part and if all bolts are securely tightened.

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